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Date: 14th May 2016
Pull Box Encoder
Weihai IDENCODER Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading pull box encoder manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.idencoder.net, equipped with one of the famous brands, welcome to buy our customized bulk pull box encoder in stock and you are also welcomed to check the price, pricelist or the quotation with our factory.Product Introduction:This series of products are very suitable for the measurement of the position of cylinder piston and the position of object, also, it?s suitable for the dimension survey and the position control of linear guiding system, cylinder system, scalable system, mechanical presses, papermaking machinery, textile machinery, sheet metal machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, level control, and construction machinery, etc.This series of pull displacement sensor consists of digital output type and virtual output type. Digital output could select incremental encoder and absolute encoder and so on, output signal is square wave ABZ signal or Gray code signal, whose longest range could up to 10000mm and linear precision could up to 0.05%, the resolution could up to 0.05mm/pulse according to different configurations. Virtual output could select precision potentiometer, Hell encoder, absolute encoder and so on, output signal could be 4-20mA?0-5V?1-5V?0-10V, serial SSI and resistance signal and so on, whose longest range could up to 1000mm, the level of protection could up to IP65 and it?s available under -45?~+105?.Model Selection Guide:Effective range of pull encoder: mobile component?s longest range involvedMode of output signal: digital value, virtual valueSupply voltage: voltage for powering sensorsBasic requirements for mobile component: level of precision measurement, size of resolutionOperating environment of pull encoder: temperature, humidity, dust, external interference, others? impact and so on.Speed of pulling and usage of frequency: displacement speed of mobile components, everyday cycle-indexof mobile components.Pretensioning space of puller: That is the distance between the puller and the sensor when the puller is installed and the mobile components are at initial position. The pretensioning space should be considered, if the distance of pre-tension is wide, extending the line of the sensor could narrow the range and save money.Method of Installation:Installing the displacement sensor on a fixed position and fastening the rope on mobile components. Then aligning the rope?s rectilinear motion and the moving axis of mobile components. When the motion starts, rope stretches and contracts. An inner spring makes sure that the tensity of the rope doesn?t change. A threaded gear drives the precision sensor spinning, outputting a proportional signal that equals to rope?s moving distance. Measuring this signal can figure out the displacement, direction, and the rate of the moving object.