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Date: 14th May 2016
Encoder For Servo Motor
Weihai IDENCODER Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading encoder for servo motor manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.idencoder.net, equipped with one of the famous brands, welcome to buy our customized bulk servo motor encoder in stock and you are also welcomed to check the price, pricelist or the quotation with our factory. High response frequency, possessing U.V.W signal that can detect the position of AC motor magnetic pole. *Be suited for ancillary use with servo motor, its high precision makes the control of the servo motor more precise. Technical parameters Supply Voltage DC5~30V Operating Temperature -40?~125? Line Number Per Circle 8~6000P(2T/3T/4T) Axial Load?N? Radial 60/ Axial40 Output Mode Difference Output Driving Relative Frequency 300KHz Output Signal ABZUVW Mechanical Rotating Speed 6000 r/min Current Consumption ?100mA Vibration Resistance ?100m/s? Current Injection ?20mA Impact Resistance ?1000m/s? Current Output ?20mA Level of Protection IP11 Color Red Black Blue Green Yellow Brown Grey White Definition DC5~30V 0V A B Z U V W Color blue/black green/black yellow/black brown/black grey/black white/black ?? Definition A'''' B'''' Z'''' U'''' V'''' W'''' ?? Oscillogram? Overall Dimension: