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About Us
Weihai Edico Electronic Technology, as a scientific and technological enterprise, integrates the development, production, agency, and sales of high-performance rotary encoder, and provides electric automatized solutions. Our team has developed and produced encoder since 2004. Mechanical real multi-loop encoder is in the leading domestic level due to its high performance. We can also customize according to our customer?s demand, which is reliable and highly cost-effective. Website:http://www.idencoder.net
Products and services
Crane Monitoring Multi-loop MODBUS Encoder, Absolute Encoder, Multi-loop Encoder, Bus Type Encoder, Frame Encoder, Pull-Box Encoder, Big-hole Hollow Encoder, Serial SSI Absolute Encoder, Textile Machinery-used NPN Absolute Encoder, BCD yard 720 Push-pull output Encoder, Multi-loop Serial SSI Absolute Encoder, Multi-loop parallel NPN Absolute Encoder, 16-loop 4-20 Ma485 output, CANopen Bus Type Encoder, 8-station and 12-station Frame Encoder, Gear-Type Magnetic Encoder, Encoder for the spindle of NC lathe, Encoder, CAN Encoder, 485 Encoder, MODBUS Encoder, SSI Encoder, Crane Encoder, Safety Monitoring Encoder, Electric Vehicle Encoder, Textile Encoder, Spindle Encoder, CNC Machine Encoder.